Hello again!

I'm currently a senior at Carnegie Mellon University getting a degree in Industrial Design. I hope to use my education and experience to help make life easier and better. I'm originally from the Netherlands and moved to the US when I was ten, having lived in Indiana, New York, Texas, and Pennsylvania since then. 

Alongside my coursework, I spent my first year swimming for CMU's varsity team and like to spend my free time doing service projects with Alpha Phi Omega. I spent much of sophomore year working on a fashion line that was featured in CMU's 2015 Lunar Gala Fashion show (click here to see my line!).

My hobbies include going to the gym, catching up on my reading, or starting DIY projects that I never seem to plan enough time for (see some of my projects here).


Want to work together or learn more about my interests? Feel free to contact me!  lzemerin@andrew.cmu.edu