The Hardware

Above is a basic breakdown of the proposed electronic components needed to make Koselig work. The construction and parts used for our demo garment can be seen further below.


Color and Styling Options

The garment was created so that it could easily be worn and styled and it comes in a variety of color options



The Process

This project was done as part of my sophomore year product design studio course, Meaning of Form.
My group's task was to create a soft goods product (fabric or soft materials) based on the word "play."

After deciding that we wanted "play" to mean "a shared, enjoyed experience," we sent out a survey to university students to discover what made their friendships grow, what makes them difficult, and what they wish they could do more often.

Based on this, we decided to tackle strengthening long distance relationships, because we found that they lacked many important aspects of close-range relationships. Physical interaction, or the sense thereof was specifically lacking.

With this information we looked at existing products that attempted to accomplish this, some of which included Pillow Talk and Durex's "Fundwear." We began our own brainstorming process by writing senses, actions and objects on post its and pairing them up and random ways. This allowed us to look at new possibilities for interaction.

Some of our ideas included sculptures or block structures that could be collaboratively be built across distance, objects that reflected the partner's movements, and mailed interactions.

Ultimately, settled on creating a garment that allowed both verbal and physical interaction. We wanted the garment to be unisex, modern, and easy to wear over clothing. Our inspiration board for Koselig can be seen below.

Using this as a rough guide, we crafted paper and muslin garments to experiment with look and fit.

Shortly thereafter we picked a suitable material and began crafting the garment.


Because we had some extra time before our deadline, we decided to integrate the electronic components to truly bring our prototype to life. After the research and ideation phase, my main role was physical construction of the garment and implementation of the hardware.