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 ABOUT Arabella:

Arabella Accessories creates one of a kind jewelry that can be used to accessorize boots, scarves, hats and more.



During my employment at Factory Unlocked, Arabella requested a design and manufacturing review of its jewelry packaging. The project proposal included the delivery of branded, more professional, and higher quality packaging to help prepare the company for its increase in sales.



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  • Consulted with the client to determine needs, audience, and preferences

  • Engaged with a local branding agency to receive branding specifications

  • Engineered and prototyped multifunctional packaging ideas

  • Created a branded packaging design with iconography

  • Researched and then consulted with local manufacturers for materials and production


The final design had two different packaging possibilities. The first, “open position” was meant for display in the store or at fairs, where the jewelry would be visible over the company logo. The back of this position included a description, icons and instructions, and suggestions for use. A ribbon is used to keep the packing open and hang it for display.


The “closed position” intends to enclose and protect the jewelry after purchase and doubles as gift packaging. In this arrangement, the ribbon is removed from the open position, the back is flipped around to become the protective cover, and the ribbon is secured in a bow to decorate the gift and keep the packaging closed.




“Lauren designed my boot jewelry packaging for my debut into the business world, and she was phenomenal throughout the whole process!  She tuned into my thoughts and needs and added her own creativity and skills to produce a unique, functional, professional packaging to the very last detail. Lauren even shopped around for companies who could supply the packaging for the best price and timing. She listened to my preferences, such as staying local for the stages of production, so her commitment to meeting my needs was appreciated. In addition to her skills related to the project, her personality and professionalism were commendable. She was a delight to work with, and I would recommend Lauren for any task asked of her.’’

// Dawn Marie Egger, Owner & Designer for Arabella Accessories //