ABOUT CapSen Robotics:

CapSen Robotics, is a Pittsburgh, PA based company that has developed new 3D vision and motion planning algorithms that work better in clutter and with a wider range of objects than other methods.  Its vision system can correctly detect 3D objects in a wide range of positions and orientations, even if they are partially occluded — and its planning system allows robots to operate in variable and changing environments. 



My primary task was to create an automated scan table that can be used to scan various objects for digital 3D model creation. The table was to be included in CapSen Scanning for in-house testing for further R&D as well as to be sold to CapSen’s customers.

Additional work included logo redesign, website redesign, and development of marketing materials.



New Web icons-01-04.png
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Logo & Brand

brand logo-01.png

To mirror the innovative and forward thinking endeavors of the company, slight changes were made to the logo to add dynamic energy and make it more modern.

The “C” was continued behind the “S” as an homage to CapSen’s strength in recognizing and identifying obstructed objects.


Automated Scan Table


Prior to my work, CapSen Robotics had an early prototype of a scan table fashioned out of an old record player. What they wanted was a professional product that fit within the company brand and could be used both in house and sold to customers.

The product was first prototyped using cardboard, then out of laser cut parts and hardware, then CAD-ed into a final design for local production. All parts were fabricated within or near Pittsburgh and could be easily assembled in-office.


The final product package includes the scan table with motor and accessories, a calibration cube to calibrate the camera with the table, and assembly and usage instructions.



Screenshot from 2019-04-30 20-03-43.png

Similar to the logo, the website needed updates to make it more user friendly, visually appealing, and transition if from just an information platform to a potential selling platform.


The final design features a restructured user flow, iconography and more telling images, and a short animation to top off the page.




”Lauren performed a variety of design, creative, and engineering tasks for CapSen Robotics, from product design and fabrication to Arduino programming to the creation of animations and a web site. She found suppliers, sourced parts and materials, and managed the supply chain. Lauren is able to see the big picture goals of the company and a project.  Lauren completed projects using her existing skills, taught herself new skills as required, and found external vendors who could complete sub-tasks. I highly recommend Lauren as part of any organization.”

// Mark Schnepf, CTO, CapSen Robotics //