The purpose of this study was to redesign a kiosk of our choice, keeping in mind user experience and accessibility, while styling it after a popular appliance brand. This LG inspired recycling kiosk combines a user friendly digital interface with a college campus-relevant reward system and incentivization.

Student research was conducted to gather user needs, and small and life-scale models were prototyped to determine appropriate features and form factors. A final digital model was created using Solidworks and Keyshot.

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Zoë is a concept product that projects moving light images onto surfaces, creating entertaining animations .Because it is easy to use and set up, children can operate Zoë entirely on their own, providing a sense of independence and eliminating the need for parents to be called to the room when a child can't sleep. The relaxing animations and repetitive action of spinning Zoë's drum, help sooth a child to sleep.

The product was prototyped out of 3D printed, lasercut, and hardware components.

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The Koselig concept prototype addresses the challenge of bringing physical elements of comfort and communication to long distance relationships. The hood is meant to provide a more secluded and comfortable environment for having conversation and the scarf makes one feel as though they are hugged and enveloped. Theoretically, the garment would be capable of sending and receiving “nudges’’ (small vibration in the shoulder) and phone calls.

A prototype garment was constructed using fabric, a Lilypad Arduino, leds, buttons, and bluetooth speaker.

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In a world where health and fitness tracking has become a regular part of our lives, Hygienie conceptually explores a tracking system meant for hygiene and bathroom habits. The Hygienie system is composed of a phone dock, toothbrush, showerhead, toilet device, and app that together track various aspects of the bathroom routine and give a user beneficial feedback about his or her health.

A line of products was created in Fustion 360 and a mock product website was developed to further explore the products and features. The system’s implication on future health, privacy, and data management are explored on the “News/ Media” page, where various headlines were created that depict what may result from this controversial system. 

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