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Hello and welcome!

I’m Lauren, a designer striving to improve the quality of life by creating products, services, and experiences that make the world better.




I have helped transition a number of start-ups and businesses from concept to product, supported and advised them through their design and manufacturing processes, and created marketable design solutions.

Below is a selection of my portfolio including product design, branding and website work, exhibit installation, and information and graphic design.






I can take your product from idea to execution — from scribbles on a napkin to something you can hold and share with your customers or clients.

Whether your project needs user research, prototyping and testing, production-ready industrial design, branding, or graphic design work, I have the tool-set.

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Hi there!

My mission is to use my education and experience to make life more inclusive, and to help others overcome hurdles by creating user centered products. By using design as a tool to eliminate and ease burdens, I believe we can all become more capable, independent, and satisfied individuals.

I studied Industrial Design at Carnegie Mellon University and graduated with a BFA in 2017. Here, I was able to further develop my love of problem solving and prototyping solutions for complex problems.

Currently, I am living in the beautiful but often rainy city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

When good design intersects holistic thinking and meaningful goals,
it can lead positive change. Let’s make positive changes together!


Want to know more about my experience and capabilities? View my resume.

If you’d like to learn more about my design philosophy, interests, or want to work together on a project — send me a message!

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